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★★★☆☆ Editor's rank launched in 2008, it is a premier online dating service that connects young, beautiful women with rich, successful men! The site boasts over 1,503,000 members in its database. The site is free for women, but men have to pay a subscription. the women are very active and are incredibly interested in talking to potential dates for sugar daddy relationships. Many male seem to have a lot of disposable income at this site.


Free membership for standard members

Paid membership: three great ways to establish yourself

  • Intro membership (For the Truly Elite) 100 Credits $79 / month
  • Executive membership (For Those a Cut Above) 300 Credits $49 / month - 3 months
  • First calss membership (The Ultimate Choice) 3000 Credits $25 / month - 12 months

Payment method: Paypal / Credit Card


  1. Registration & Login
  2. For the first time to visit,you have to complete the security check to access Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

    At log in part. You can log in your account with username, you also can connect with your linkedin account.

    There are total 5 steps to complete your profile. A photo is required to send out your 3 FREE messages, you can skip this step. You can share your private photos with other members who grant you private keys to their photos. The site need to active your email but it is not required.

    women are able to use without having to pay a dime. This means that you are going to see more women flock towards the site.

  3. Voicemail Service (unique feature)
  4. Established Men's discreet voicemail service allows you to leave voice messages for any Girl using your phone. It is safer and more discreet than sharing your phone number as the service doesn't reveal any sensitive information about your calling location. You can also listen to all your voice messages either via the voicemail service phone number or the web interface below.

    How to Access the Established Men Voicemail Service

    • Call toll free 1-866-584-0818
    • Enter Your Mailbox ID
    • Enter Your Access Code
    • Now simply follow the prompts to continue.

    To discover a Girl's voice mailbox ID, look for icon, located in the Top Right corner of their profile page: Leaving or listening to Voicemails requires you to have an active subscription and costs 5 credits per voicemail.

  5. Search tools
  6. Quick search and Find a date tonight, you can saved searches and refine Your Search.
  7. communication
    • Priority email
    • Online chat
    • Send flirt
    • Send message
    • Send a gift
  8. Verified with linkedin
  9. One of the most frustrating aspects of niche dating is that sometimes we find people who do not meet the requirements to fall into a specific category. does a good job of verifying that the information provided is accurate by linkedin account.

  10. New girl/established man recommended
  11. When a new girl or established man joins, you will be automatically recommended to her/him

  12. Other features
    • My favorites
    • Private Access
    • new members
    • Recently online members
    • Highlighted in search

Customer service

You can contact support via question form or by call 1-877-840-7976
EM Media, Avid Life Media, PO Box 67027, Toronto, ON Canada, M4P 1E4

24-hour exclusive access: All new members are visible only to members for 24 hours. This lets you meet them first.

Privacy Protection

  • Blocked Profiles
  • Private Profile: Prevent your profile from showing up in search results
  • Show Gifts Sent/Received: Show the gifts I've sent/received to other users.
  • Private Access: Manage private photo access
  • Data sharing: Do not share data with third parties
  • Site Experience: Share your private photos with other members who grant you private keys to their photos.

Mobile & App

No mobile site or any app for this site

Editor’s Verdict is a premium sugar daddy dating site connecting young, beautiful women with interesting men. Most of the men and women in the site are good-looking and most of them are looking either for a wealthy men or for their perfect princess. They are also looking for a range of relationships, long term to short-term friendship. If you want to find sugar daddy or sugar babby relationship, this site is recommended